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s. 22.9.2012
COI: 1,12% (6 generations)
Sire: FH1 Bh Apfel's Agabus
Dam;: Bh Moonraker Hurrjanhyvä

Yhdistelmän sukutaulu KoiraNetissä

There were 3 males and 2 females in the litter. No kink tails or other defects detected at birth
All puppies have moved to new homes.

Name Hips Elbows Spine Heart
M Inyeti's Tilia Cordata
M Inyeti's Trollius Europaeus
M Inyeti's Tussilago Farfara Kivesvikainen
F Inyeti's Trifolium Elegans
F Inyeti's Tulipa Sylvestris
Last updated: 9.7.2013

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